About This Blog

I have a love affair with the city of Chicago. I love the building of brands almost as much because that’s what I do for a living. Together, the two stir my passions on a weekly basis through the Chicago Brander blog as I speak my mind on the strategic tactics and creative ways that marketers in the Windy City are bringing brands to life…or damaging them. The opinions here are solely my own. And once you hear my input, I’d surely love to hear yours.

Dan Gershenson, Chicago Brander

Twitter: @danonbranding
Connect to me on LinkedIn.

2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hi Dan, I just launched a new LinkedIn open group, “All About You Personal Branding” and a blog on WordPress to feed content to it. Your post was very timely for me, and I greatly appreciated your words — THANK YOU, sincerely! It really put my personal concerns in perspective and lightened my self-imposed burden. Now, I’m ready to write my next blog post! Have a great afternoon!

    With Kind Regards,
    Michael Schonfeld

    • Thank you Michael! Looking forward to checking out your group on LinkedIn and I’m particularly happy if what I’ve written helped inspire you. That kind of stuff provides fuel to my blogging too.


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