Guest Blogging

If you do work in relation to branding, advertising, marketing, operations, HR, social media, metrics, new business or a similar area that impacts the development of entrepreneurial companies, we’re interested in talking to you!

If you have a company that has embraced social media, a new piece of marketing technology or a culture building tactic that represented a powerful shift in your brand’s development – and can speak to how others can learn from that – we’re interested in talking to you too!

Chicago Brander has featured several guest bloggers in areas just like these – many of which are still seeing traffic back to their sites long after the original post. All we ask is that your post be genuinely helpful as you share your expertise. This isn’t a space to blatantly advertise/shamelessly promote. You’re welcome to mention your company, link back to your site, even mention a client or two you’ve had success with if it helps illustrate your overall point. Just don’t overdo it too much, okay?

To illustrate what we mean, check out these examples of guest bloggers we’ve had post for us:

What A Shoplifter Taught Me About Branding
by Rob Jager

Preventing The Negative Effects of High Employee Turnover
by Melonie Boone 

Is There A “Chicago Style” Of Business Development?
by Steve Congdon 

If you’re interested in doing a guest blog post and have a topic already in mind, e-mail your topic idea to

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