Good Things to Declare War On.

A pretty cool mantra by Chris Brogan that I thought I would share with you. You can apply it to many things in life. Your next blog post or ad. Your approach to your personal life. Your next speech. If it’s the conventional status quo, it’s time to declare war on it. Preach on, Mr. Brogan.


I’m through with excuses.

I’m through with “good enough.”
I’m through with settling.
I’m through with justification.
I’m through with waste.
I’m through with fitting (and fitting in).
I’m through with nice (for nice’s sake).
I’m through with my assumptions.
I’m through with relying on what’s worked before.
I’m through with mistaking consistency for success.
I’m through with the word “will.”

I declare war. On everything above this line.

I do what I’m capable of doing.
I deliver excellence.
I create what’s next.
I am the echo.
I am the bonus round.
I am the “hard” difficulty setting.
I am the extra 20 pushups.
I am the success story.
I am love.
I am my story told loudly, regardless of the reaction.

It’s war.

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