With so many social media tools, why do things still feel broken?

The following graphic from Buddy Media is quite interesting, does an excellent job of organizing sets of features and at the same time, may very well make your head hurt. It’s not that we don’t need more social media tools or that they shouldn’t continually evolve. It’s that we often start with them before thinking about strategy or put up posts like, “10 ways your brand can be built on Pinterest.”

Um, may I ask a stupid question? Who said Pinterest may be right for the brand at all in the first place?

Focusing on the tools first is short-sighted but some marketers don’t know any better than what they’ve been told. Let’s take it a step back and get back to things like company vision, mission, culture…essentially your company’s reason for being.

If you’re confused on that or your company isn’t on the same page on that, you’re only adding to the problem by trying to communicate a message of who you are that people within aren’t completely on board with. Fix that part of the house first. It may take a few months, but the social media tools will still be there by the time you’re done. I’d wager there will probably be 1000 more to choose from anyway.

Let me know if you need a hand sorting any of it out – Dan@ChicagoBrander.com

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