2 thoughts on “We Don’t Need The CEO To Tweet

  1. I think seeing a CEO on social media or writing a blog gives a genuine feel that a company cares about its customers. Maybe it’s the “Wizard of Oz” scenario where seeing the person (or reading their written thoughts) behind the curtain makes them seem less intimidating, but I love coming across these discoveries.

    Like you said, “It really begins with the CEO saying, “Social media is important to me to understand. And for the good of our brand, it needs to be important to all of us.”” Leaders need to lead by example!

    • I don’t disagree, Amy. I think it’s one of those things that if the CEO can do it, I heartily encourage it for the reasons you’ve just outlined. The feeling of accessibility isn’t just a benefit to their own personal brand but elevates the standing of the company. It’s an opportunity that, clearly from the findings of the IBM study, isn’t being seized by a longshot.

      That decision aside, the impact of their other decision to endorse social media as a tool to integrate into the brand could resonate even further throughout the company. And that’s certainly not a bad thing either.

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