One Book Could Make You A Thought Leader: Your Own


Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz, JJR Marketing

When I met Jackie Camacho-Ruiz of JJR Marketing several months ago, I was enthralled by our conversation. It began the way many networking meetings do, with us sharing our experiences, challenges and strengths. But then Jackie started telling me about how writing a book changed her life in ways she couldn’t even have imagined at the time. It’s earned her speaking opportunities, media invitations and an extra level of credibility as an author of a published work.

It was one of those hours that goes by all too fast. But after speaking with her, I immediately began planning an event that showcases this amazing woman’s thoughts on how to be recognized by your circle of influence.

It’s called “The Art of Becoming a Thought Leader” and it’s hosted by the American Club Association (ACA). It takes place on Wednesday, March 20th at 5:30pm at Mesirow Financial (353 n. Clark).

After some light mingling, Jackie’s going to show you how to:

–       Explore intentional strategies to becoming a thought leader, including writing your own book

–       Uncover key benefits of being an expert

–       Discover how media plays a major role in getting the credibility you deserve

In addition to Jackie’s presentation, this group has had some great success with small group networking, which aims to put 4-5 people together from similar industries for more purpose-driven relationship building. By doing some of the legwork for you once you register, it beats wandering around a big room wondering, “Is my next potential client or partner in here?”

I hope you can make it! Follow this link to Register.

What: “The Art of Becoming a Thought Leader” presentation and networking
Where: Mesirow Financial, 353 N. Clark
When: Wednesday, March 20th, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

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