Ads on Bathroom Mirrors: The Charm of O’Hare Airport

I wonder if weary travelers delayed at O’Hare during this record snowstorm will want to put their fist through one of these ads in frustration, but I’ve got to hand it to Clear Channel Outdoor and Mirrus for an unusual innovation: Airport Bathroom Advertising.

Coming soon to your favorite public restroom.

It’s actually a cool concept if you don’t feel violated. On your way in or out of the airport restroom, you stop in front of a mirror to check yourself. When you stand directly in front of the mirror, it works like, well, a mirror. But when you’re not standing in front of it, presto! An ad will appear.

I’m sure some will be annoyed by the whole thing in the beginning of this rollout. I expect to hear, “Do we really need ads in here too?” Admittedly, we probably don’t. But truth be told, advertisers have been trying to invade restrooms in creative ways long before this. This method does it rather stylishly and as long as it works quickly rather than becoming a distraction by staying on the ad a second too long, I’m all for it. I also kind of see it as the Billboard 2.0: More environmentally friendly and you don’t have capture the attention of someone going 65mph. Taking it one step further and crafting a message around where the ad is placed (bathroom, the airport) would help it stay in a few more brains too. From the sound of this article, O’Hare might be just the beginning of this test concept.

What do you think? Invasion of privacy or cool way to reach out to people?